Masterclass: Improving ABA Staff Retention

This masterclass will cover the key aspects needed to improve staff retention and reduce BURNOUT within your ABA team, whether you are a clinical director managing an entire clinic or a BCBA managing your team of techs. 


Module 1:
We will discuss the importance of successful on-boarding and initial training of new staff members to start them out with the tools they need AND ensure that you are hiring people that WANT to be there.

Module 2: We will learn how to use performance monitoring to improve performance on technical skills AND professionalism, how to create your own monitoring system, and how to troubleshoot low performers, reactivity, and more!

Module 3: TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING! We will review effective and evidence-based methods for training staff to improve employee and employer satisfaction.

Module 4: We will discuss different methods for reinforcing techs and how to tie them into your performance monitoring system. You will also get access to tools to assess your staff's reinforcement and individualized feedback preferences.

Module 5: When issues continue despite following all the positive steps, we will review how to implement corrective procedures while minimizing negative reactions.
Module 6: Finally, we will review the topic of burnout as it relates to ABA staff members and the role that company culture has in establishing and maintaining employee satisfaction. Even if you are not responsible for company culture, you can create your own mini-culture within your own team. 

4.0 CEU's
Recorded access that NEVER expires

High tech turnover DOES NOT NEED to be a certainty in our field!

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